Vallox TSK Multi 80 MC/MV filter set No. 26 (original)

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Original Vallox filter set no. 26 for TSK Multi 80 MC/MV HRV

Vallox HRVs use 3 filters: one G4 class material filter, which is placed to protect the HRV systems from dirt in the extracted air. Two other filters (classes F7 and G4) are placed in the supply air stream. The G4 material filter is used as a pre-filter to trap insects and other larger foreign objects, while the F7 filter traps all other very fine dust, pollen, allergens and other micro particles. The F7 panel filter with a cardboard frame performs the greatest filtering function.

The set includes:

  • Extract air filter (G4 class, material);
  • Supply air pre-filter (G4 class, material);
  • Supply air filter (class F7, panel);

By using original filters, you will be sure that your HRV will perform according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications and there will be no risk of losing the manufacturer’s warranty.

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